Press Release Diva - Search, Submit, And Find Free Content Articles For Your Web sites, Newsletters, and Ezines Articles Release Diva - Search, Submit, And Find Free Content Articles For Your Web sites, Newsletters, and Ezines Articles RSS feedsen-usCopyright (c) Press Release Diva - Search, Submit, And Find Free Content Articles For Your Web sites, Newsletters, and Ezines All rights reserved. What Happens during a Foreclosure What happens during a foreclosure can vary a little from state to state but it always ends up to the same result. The homeowner is about to lose their home because they have missed a number of their mortgage payments. Why Banks Have to Turn Down Loan Modifications PSAs set a limit to how many mortgage modifications can be offered by servicers, and these companies may face liability from the trusts or investors that own the underlying loans if they offer too many workout plans to borrowers. Loan Modification - Announced by Obama, Hope for Homeowners In this important 4th part to the Obama loan modification guide. The Hope for Homeowners Plan is introduced and the important concept of the Standard Waterfall which could drastically affect your families chances of staying in your home. Need to Know about the Online Mortgage Application Process The application process may vary bit from one online mortgage company to the next, but there are three things borrowers should always do before they submit an online mortgage application. Foreclosure - Why the Note Holder Is So Important When a lender can not find the original note, courts are deciding that foreclosure proceedings must be placed on hold. Without this document, it can be impossible to prove that one has the right to foreclose on the home. Unjust Enrichment in the Foreclosure Process This is a type of common law tort defense to foreclosure that homeowners may raise if they are being sued or if the lender is moving ahead with a trustee sale of a property. Giving First Place to Second Mortgage Loan Sometimes the second mortgage becomes inevitable because of the situation. Sometimes the time is in favor and sometimes against. The second mortgage is also called home refinance loan. Tips to Refinance the Mortgage Everyone pays for their ignorance and many people do that, if that makes you feel a little better. Wrong financial decisions can put you in a lot of difficulty and put you in debts. Get Benefits from Home Mortgage Refinance You can improve your financial problems through home mortgage refinance. Home refinance is a best option where one can refinance their existing mortgage and save your money, become debt free. Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance Your Safer Cover! What happens in case you are suddenly made redundant due to a loss of job or illness? You may be unable to make your mortgage payments, pay off credit card bills, grocery bills and find it difficult to lead a normal life. Mortgage Servicing and the Inapplicability of Truth in Lending Laws One of the laws that give homeowners the most protection against mortgage lending abuses is the Truth in Lending Act (TILA). This act is designed to provide borrowers with adequate disclosures Fraud and Misrepresentation in the Appraisal Process In retaliation for the filing of bankruptcy by a borrower, banks and their lawyers have read ambiguous contract clauses to allow the imposition of ridiculous junk fees on accounts. Is Considering Bankruptcy A Logical Method When Trying To Stop Foreclosure? When you are trying to avoid foreclosure, there are some life changing decisions you will have to make. Your choices will mean the difference between creating a better financial decision or making things much worse! Sorting Out Lenders' Fees in Bankruptcy and Foreclosure In retaliation for the filing of bankruptcy by a borrower, banks and their lawyers have read ambiguous contract clauses to allow the imposition of ridiculous junk fees on accounts. How To Lower Refinance Mortgage Interest Rate When you want to refinance your mortgage, there are several factors that you should put into consideration. One of them is the refinance mortgage interest rate. How Many Days Before The Sale Do You Have Before It's Too Late To Pay Back Your Bank When getting your property out of foreclosure, many people thing that paying the arrears is the only choice. There are other options! Home Loan Modification Program May Be Helping Subprime Lenders Obama Government s ambitious Home Loan Modification Program dubbed as Making Home Affordable may be helping the Subprime Lenders who may have started the real estate crisis in the fist place. Home Mortgage Refinance suggestion to save precious money Home mortgage refinance is one of the best ways to save money for debtors by switching to a low interest rate plan. Where To Find Lists Of People InForeclosure If you are trying to find a good deal in real estate, foreclosure properties may be a good place to start. This article will show you where to find foreclosure properties. Foreclosure Crisis - New Regulations Too Little, Too Late With the government's overreaction to the financial crisis, there are thousands of pages of new regulations covering the investment banking, mortgage lending, loan servicing, student loan, credit card, and every other financial industry. Is Subprime to Blame for the Mortgage Crisis nabstract How To Choose The Best Mortgage Broker In Toronto Most people still go to their bank to get their mortgage. People who go to their banks looking for a Toronto Mortgage will be shown a selection of 'options' but these options are only variations on the same Toronto Mortgage product. Signs of Mortgage Servicing Fraud and Abuse In the past couple decades, since the government essentially created the abuse-encouraging mortgage servicing industry, there has been a wave of lawsuits against these servicers for a range of activities. Will A Foreclosure Hurt Your Credit Score When Your Name Is On The Deed, But Not The Mortgage? Many people are wondering how a foreclosure will effect them when they are on the title of the home, but not the loan. This article should help clear up some of those questions. How the Government Created Mortgage Servicing Abuse One decision that the RTC made when selling the assets of bankrupt banks almost single-handedly created the mortgage servicing industry as it is today. Is Your Mortgage Unconscionable? Homeowners who have been blatantly taken advantage of during the mortgage process may have a defense to foreclosure based on the unconscionable contract. There are a number of factors that can point to unconscionability in a loan. The 3 Most Important Steps When Writing a Loan Modification Hardship Letter Don't feel like you're at the end of dead-end street if you're struggling to make your monthly mortgage payments. Depending on the life circumstances that have led up to your financial difficulties, your lender may qualify you for a loan modification. How Abusive Credit Insurance Leads to Foreclosure Some homeowners, when they originally purchase their home or refinance, are pushed into an expensive "credit insurance" policy. These schemes can often just be one more way that lenders enrich themselves How Does A Modification Work So how does a loan modification work? Can I do it myself? If you are like millions of Americans trapped with a high mortgage payment, is now possible to negotiate a better deal directly with your bank. This is called a mortgage loan modification. Help Explaining Refinancing A Mortgage As the economy continues to deteriorate, many people are looking for ways to reduce their monthly expenses. Since housing payments are the largest part of our monthly expenses, refinancing may be an option for saving money. What is a Loan Modification in Layman's Terms? To some, "What is loan modification?" can be the $64,000 question. The answer isn't as complicated as it may seem at first, though. Where to Find the Best Fixed Rate Mortgage The mortgage industry has undergone a major change within the past two years. Programs that were once available, no longer exist. With limited options available, finding the best fixed rate mortgage is more important than ever. How to Modify Your Mortgage Loan - What You Don't Know It is not easy to identify what exactly qualifies you for a loan modification and even when you meet all of the criteria, you might still be denied. You give yourself an advantage if you present your case in a detailed, clear manner. Dispelling the Myths Around Obama's Making Home Affordable Loan Plan For Modifying Mortgage Loans Banks have long had a process by which mortgage holders facing financial difficulty could apply for a loan modification wherein the length of the term of the loan was increased or interest rates were decreased. Tips for Homeowners Investigating Mortgage Loan Modification Assistance Homeowners are facing very difficult circumstances in these tough economic times. Property values have dropped and people are experiencing financial setbacks in their own lives. Answers to Your Mortgage Loan Modification Questions Homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgages are wondering what options they have other than foreclosure. One avenue for relief is a mortgage loan modification. How Financial Firms and Government Increase Foreclosure Rates One of the factors that has had the greatest impact on the subprime mortgage frenzy and the deterioration of lending standards in the mortgage market was the transferring of risk. Extremely Easy Step By Step Instructions To Avoiding Foreclosure Every day, 1000's of people are losing their home to foreclosure, but by following these directions, you can save your home without the need to spend $1,000 of dollars. Portable Satellite Phones Why have a satellite phone? If you happen to be beyond an area of cell-tower reach, or desire to be ready in case, a sat-phone is the ideal investment. Low Price at Sheriff Sale May Be Violation of Duty of Good Faith in Foreclosure When homeowners fall into foreclosure and the bank or trustee has a public auction of the home scheduled to satisfy the debt, there are various duties that must be met for the sale to be valid. Examples And Summary Of The Mortgage Modification Procedure When you are about to lose your home, it's time to begin considering a loan modification. Getting a reduced mortgage payment is only one phone call away! The Facts about Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan Modification Stop worrying about foreclosure and start evaluating your options to modify your adjustable rate mortgage and lower your monthly house payments. There are programs out there available to help you through your current financial hardship. Is the Nonjudicial Foreclosure Process Illegal? In states that allow a nonjudicial foreclosure through a power of sale clause in a deed of trust, homeowners find that their properties are sold out from under them without a hearing or chance to defend themselves. Reverse Mortgage Buying with No Payments This article introduces reverse mortgages to the consumer. How MERS Relates to the Foreclosure Process MERS, short for the Mortgage Electronic Registration System: What this company is and what it does is a bit unclear, but many homeowners have had this company attached to their mortgage somewhere along the line. Obama's Home Mortgage Loan Modification Plan Offers Help for Troubled Homeowners There is a reason for celebration for struggling homeowners in these difficult economic times. Due to the recession, people are having a hard time making their monthly payments. Home Mortgage Loan Modification - Is it Worth the Effort? Almost every American homeowner would like to secure a home mortgage loan modification these days. This article will explain exactly what this means and how to go about getting one. How to Apply for a Mortgage Modification from Your Lender Everyone is talking about mortgage modification when they talk about loan rehabilitation. So many people who are considering applying for a home loan modification, find it very difficult to navigate the process. Your Lender May Not Have the Right to Sue for Foreclosure When a mortgage company begins foreclosing on a property, most homeowners just assume that the bank really owns their loan and is able to prove it and take their home away. But this is not always the case.