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Prostate Cancer

By: Darrell Miller
If you suffer from prostate problems, give the herb pygeum a try. Pygeum can help shrink the prostate and improve urine flow.
By: kim valerio
Besides the usual symptoms like urinary retention, increase in urinary frequency, or the noticeable decrease in size and force of urination, one of the initial symptoms that is commonly experienced by men with Prostate Cancer is Sexual Dysfunction.
By: Samantha Turner
Having a healthy prostate is vital for all men. However there are few men that actually realize its importance until it is too late.
By: Heinz Golz
The majority of the therapies for prostate cancer will rely on the prostate PSA level. If the results of the checks reveal high prostate PSA level, the physician will recommend a sequence of blood tests and other tests to make a confirmed an
By: Sandra Prior
Between the ages of 25 and 35 your risk of getting testicular cancer is at itís highest. Know the facts and avoid the ultimate ball ache.
By: Michael Lee
While information on prostate cancer has been steadily increasing throughout the years, there are still some queries that need to be addressed. This list of prostate cancer questions and answers will provide you with enough base information for you
By: Heinz Golz
The first step is to see your doctor, as quickly as you start to experience any kind of problems passing water and get him to establish the root of the problem. If you ask your doctor , and he diagnoses prostate cancer , then it is very likely to be
By: Heinz Golz
The Task Force also said that there is no conclusion about screening in men under 75. The task force recommendations are accessible on various websites and magazines. The major point of the discuss is that the important side effects take place rig
Weíve all read the articles telling us to eat enough protein or our muscles will shrink, get enough sleep and stay away from certain products or our testosterone levels will drop, or even articles about the longtime battle of boxers versus briefs.  (view entire text)
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By: Heinz Golz
Your doctor will also discuss the range of side effects which enlarged prostate treatment drugs carry with them. If you do not feel suitable for drug treatment (or you doctor does not feel that medicine treatment will be effective in your case) then
By: Heinz Golz
Prostate cancer treatment is defined as a collection of exclusive approaches to cancer cure not considered to be a conventional prostate cancer treatment, and is used in place of conventional cancer treatments.
By: James Witman
If you or someone you care about thinks you have prostate problems, you might be actually be suffering from a condition known as prostatitis - or inflammation of the prostate. Read this article now to learn more about prostatitis, who it affects, what the
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