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By: Taxmann
The Goods and Service Tax (GST), a landmark in the history of tax reforms, after the implementation of VAT, has started its journey by the Finance Ministerís public endorsement of the dual GST model.
By: Rob Daniel
An income tax is a tax paid to the government on income generated in whatever manner by an individual or an enterprise. The basis of the income - the capital - may be taxed separately, as in property or real estate tax.
By: Rob Daniel
However you may look at it, taxes paid are monies removed from your disposable income; so, any lessening of taxes is a positive development.
By: Gina Anton
Afraid of making mistakes on your tax return? Fearful one mistake may lead to an audit? If you act to correct any mistakes, the IRS will work with you to make sure your return is corrected.
By: Joe Cline
One of the best parts about being a real estate agent is that you have the power to be your own boss. You may align yourself with a specific over-arching company, but in the end you call the shots.
By: Harry Smith
Chartered accountancy has always been stereotypically viewed as a stuffy
By: Harry Smith
Wisteria Formations, the leading online limited company formations
By: Harry Smith
Chartered accountancy has always been stereotypically viewed as a stuffy
By: Darrin
While most reasons for not filing taxes are acceptable, the fact is, even late or back taxes eventually need to be filed. No matter how late, filing your back taxes will help to either lessen or altogether prevent any IRS problems.
By: Gnadhi
Many United States Expats and resident aliens receive income from foreign sources. If you are a U.S. Expat or resident alien, you must report income from all sources within and outside of the U.S.
By: Peter Terry
If a company wants to survive this tough business environment it can do so successfully with the help of New York accounting firm.
By: IRS Debt
Professional lending companies offer special credit facilities to redeem the outstanding IRS dues by offering IRS help. These facilities are generally offered through IRS tax relief or IRS tax settlement programs.
By: Wisteria
Why the credit crunch doesnít have to spell disaster for small businesses and start-ups.
By: Yossarian Smythe
Each year, the IRS releases changes in the US Federal income tax laws. Much hasnít changed for the past years but the recession during the last quarter of 2008 has been a great deal of influence to the new changes in tax laws.
By: articleguy
When you are in a job it is possible for you to pay greater tax than owed mainly if you alternate jobs time and again or have more than one job together at the same time.
By: Taxmann
The Delhi High Courtís decision in Home Solution Retail India Ltd. v. Union of India [2009] 20 STT 129 that renting of immovable property is not a service has created excitement among taxpayers, analysts and economists. According to the author, both
By: Wisteria
Wisteria Formations has launched a series of useful videos on YouTube to help guide people through the process of incorporating their first company.
By: kilian
Filing for federal income tax returns requires every responsible tax payer to evaluate the taxable income.If there are no errors in the federal income tax return papers that were filed, the refund is issued within six weeks of receiving the applicati
By: Taxmann
Judicial discipline demands that a Bench of the High Court must follow the decision of an earlier Bench of equal jurisdiction of the same High Court. However, there are some cases where decisions in higher authority have been overruled by the lower a
By: Wisteria
Wisteria has launched Wisteria Formations, a brand new and innovative Company Formation site!
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