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Articles » Health-&-Fitness » Diabetes on Press Release Diva


By: adrianna smith
When it comes to dealing with diabetes, you need to understand that diet plays an important role. Most people simply like to eat out and indulging restaurant food occasionally.
By: Brandon Bailey
Type 1 diabetes is a significant condition in which your pancreas ceases to provide insulin. Rather than entering your cells, sugar amasses in your bloodstream.
By: Steven Marks
Diabetes is a serious disorder and is actually caused by reduced levels of insulin in body. There are many ways to control diabetes.
By: Stephen Smith
Type 2 diabetes is a disease that is becoming more common in today's society. It results mainly from poor lifestyle choices and dietary habits and results in a range of health problems including increased risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and obesity.
By: Michael J Reinhart
In the USA doctors are recommending the use of diabetic socks to prevent the onset of blisters and sores that can lead to serious complications in diabetic patients.
By: Steven Marks
Diabetes mellitus or diabetes is a serious disorder and is caused by reduced levels of insulin in the body. Insulin is required by the body for energizing the cells..
By: Brandon Bailey
Diabetes is a significant illness in which the body fails to convert blood glucose into energy. A hormone called insulin does this conversion.
By: Steven Marks
The first type of diabetes is type 2 diabetes that affects the people who have high blood pressure, are being overweight or have a family history of diabetes.
By: steven marks
Diabetes is a serious disease that can affect any person of any age. Till now doctors have not been able to isolate what really causes it, nor have they been able to find any cure for diabetes. But the research done has not all been wasted at all.
By: Farrukh
Diabetes is a metabolic disorder where in human body does not produce or properly uses insulin, a hormone that is required to convert sugar, starches, and other food into energy. Diabetes mellitus is characterized by constant high levels of blood glu
By: Sandra Prior
Simple steps of eating more healthily can limit the damage the disease inflicts. Think in terms of preventing complications rather than treating the disease itself. With diabetics, think about heart disease, eye damage, blood pressure, weight loss, s
By: Sandra Prior
Although you don't know it yet, that spreading midriff is poisoning your metabolism and may, by the time you hit your mid-forties, have set you on the road to a premature death from the irreversible complications of the world's current invisible ep
By: Sandra Prior
With diabetes, it's a low-sugar diet, not a no-sugar diet. Small amounts of sucrose are okay. Sometimes, diabetics need sugar to bring their blood sugars up after a ‘hypo’ (hypo-glycaemia is low blood sugar).
By: Sandra Prior
It's normal to pass two litres a day, but diabetics pass at least twice that. This helped Egyptian and Greek physicians to first identify the disease. One described it as ‘a melting down of the flesh and limbs into urine’.
By: steven marks
The Gestational diabetes is one among the various form of diabetes which would normally affect pregnant women mostly.
By: steven marks
In case of when you have type 2 diabetes monitoring the amount of sugar in your blood is part of your daily routine.
By: steven marks
Diabetes mellitus or diabetes is a metabolism disorder taking place due to a combination of environmental and hereditary reasons. And the result of it is unusually high levels of sugar in the blood. The blood sugar levels in our bodies are balanced b
By: Sandra Prior
In case you were wondering, that extra bit of weight on your midriff could lead to a disease fast becoming the biggest epidemic ever known to man-diabetes. Don't get it.
By: Heinz Golz
Family history: brother or sister or parent with diabetes. -Being chunky -Lack of physical activity. -A women who gave birth to an heavy baby (over 4 kg) -Age: the riskis getting higher over the age of 45 and particulary over 65. How do you kno
By: terry bogard
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