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Other Health Topics

By: Bernice Eker
Are you a part of the 20 million Americans who have rheumatoid arthritis? Do you find it extremely difficult and painful that it has started to affect your normal functioning?
By: Mathew Bagg
Steam showers and whirlpools provide many health benefits like detoxification, improved blood circulation and strengthening of the immune system.
By: Vijay Koragappa Shetty
IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is nothing but a functional bowel syndrome wherein you experience spastic bowel, irritable colon and spastic colon. When your bowels do not function properly such a condition is known as irritable bowel.
By: Vijay Koragappa Shetty
Probiotic bacteria are friendly bacteria. It helps fight bad bacteria which cause disease and uneasiness in human beings. This should be consumed in adequate amount to help replace lost good bacteria and maintain good health.
By: Gyan K
Boost your immune system with the help of probiotics. A person suffering from AIDS or is undergoing chemotherapy can consult a doctor to add healthy bacteria in his diet.
By: Gyan K
Boost your immune system with the help of probiotics. A person suffering from AIDS or is undergoing chemotherapy can consult a doctor to add healthy bacteria in his diet.
By: Mark Woodcock
This article is providing advice on how to get a better night's sleep, like using lined curtains, choosing the right duvet and more.
By: Mike
Memory foam is a common term used in our lexicon today. Used as material to construct items from mattresses, pillows, toppers and much more, people hail memory foam as a new innovation with numerous implications.
By: Deepak Kumar
Choosing the correct contact lenses for your needs, is vital. Lets see how we can make an informed decision in this regard. It’s not just a matter of looking good (though with some people, that’s a number one priority)
By: Mike
Many consumers are now changing from sleeping on traditional coil spring mattresses to the one of a kind memory foam mattresses. They have heard others boast of the incredibly restful nights of sleep they
By: Mike
Two things that play an important role in determining how well one sleeps at night are the right kind of environment in the bed room and the right kind of beds.Starting with the bedroom environment, one
By: Mike
If tossing and turning has become a routine for you in bed then it is time that one gives due attention to finding ways of sleeping well. An improper sleep can cause drowsiness, lethargy and dizziness
By: Kelly Calkins
If your like most hearing aid wearers noisy places can create some very difficult listening situations. Some hearing aids do a better job with hearing in noisy situations than others, but there are some features and strategies you can use that will help.
By: Paul Easton
This article shows how cherry juice as a natural cure for gout. Cherry juice has long been claimed as a gout cure and even researches had proved its direct effect in alleviating joint pains with gout.
By: Aldiva
Physical therapy has many different benefits, depending on what it is used for. The benefits are not only physical, but also mental. Regular therapy sessions build up your muscle’s strength and give you better endurance.
By: Daniel Coyle
Health systems have gone beyond the dimensions of physical condition of the individuals and associated diseases.
By: Peter James Field
In this interesting article a leading British hypno-psychotherapist explains how gaining weight is not really a matter of metabolism or genetics but a result of internalized body image and psychological factors.
By: Denny Bodoh
Now you can truly know how to prevent cold sores with ease. In this excellent article, you will discover a simple plan, used by thousands, to prevent cold sores every day.
By: Rutchell Laquihon
Body system cleansing is a procedure that is growing in popularity around the world. People are embracing the idea of using methods to detoxify the body is search of optimum health and well being.
By: ten
Cerebral Palsy, also known as CP, is a congenital disorder affecting motor skills, the 3 main types of cerebral palsy are spastic (most commonly diagnosed), athetoid, and ataxic.
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