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Articles » Home-&-Family » Parenting on Press Release Diva


By: Jacquie Ream
Bullies used to simply shake down the weaker kids for lunch money, but these days, the bully business has gone online, and it's booming. Jacquie Ream strives to bring bullying to the attention of parents, educators and teens.  (view entire text)
Added : Saturday, September 26th, 2009     Viewed : 29 Times
By: Toan Dinh
If your child is suspected of having a learning disability, an assessment is likely one of the first steps in dealing with the underlying issue or issues.
By: Meenka Pandita
Kids love adventure and that is why they have special interest for adventurous sports like surfing and skateboarding.
By: Richard Kuhns
Want to give your unborn child, infant or toddler a million dollars? Learn the 3 essential keys to connecting with Source with positive daily birth affirmations so your child can be prosperous by their twenties.
By: sam k denial
Foam puzzles are the best way to develop the mental skills of human. These are now not restricted to smaller age group but now every age group enjoys it.
By: Joe Cline
Moving to a new home or even a new city can be a scary prospect for your child, no matter what their age. Your child’s moving experience can be positive or negative depending on how well you prepare them.
By: Jennifer Broadley
You know one of the reasons we can end up single parenting is that we no longer share the same values as our children’s other parent and our respect and understanding of that person alters to the point of break down.
There’s now doubt about it, when I first became a single parent, which was from day 1 ( I left my marriage when I was 3 months pregnant), I wanted so much to separate my ‘new life’ with my daughter (who I adored from the first second I saw her)  (view entire text)
Added : Saturday, September 5th, 2009     Viewed : 14 Times
By: Jennifer Broadley
I read books on metaphysics on a regular basis. There’s a huge raising up of global consciousness around the fact that our limitations rarely come from our government, our society, our family or our friends.
By: Jeffrey Willis
Parenting after a divorce can be a very sticky situation for you and your ex spouse. If you have the right mindset and the right plan you can make this situation on both of you as well as your children.
By: Barry Lycka
Open communication with your children about sex is important. Here are some tips and guide which will help you to teach your children about sex.
By: Barry Lycka
Ideas and Guide for throwing birthday parties for kids that includes birthday theme along with the foods, dresses and birthday activities.
By: Michael Logan
Parenting relationships are hard emotionally, and I think the key ingredient in parenting relationships is for the parent to manage their emotions, so that parenting is done from a system rather than an emotion.
By: Eric Holm
Children are especially accident prone and with a child care safety kit you will be better prepared for minor and major accidents with your kids.
By: Rick Lee
If the child is not allowed to have a pet, then parents can just get him a Webkinz Toy to play with. Webkinz Toys have hit the stores like a storm. A lot of kids have these high tech toys in their bedroom.
By: Vianesa Vargas
postpartum fitness article for moms. Debunks ideas on perfection of the postpartum body and Hollywood ideas of perfection.
By: Jennifer Broadley
I remember going back to work after maternity leave (of about 14 weeks!) and how I had discussed with my boss before going back that I’d have to leave by 5pm each day, no exceptions.
By: Jennifer Broadley
One of my biggest challenges when I started to build a life as a single parent was to not compare myself with 2-parent families. They appeared to do things smoothly, effortlessly and happily.
By: Richard Kuhns
Does your child hound you relentlessly at bed-time for stories? Two stories not enough? There's an easy answer--a sleep aid cd for your child that puts them to sleep. It's a story that they will want to hear over and over.
By: Frank Froggatt
It isn't as easy for us as it was for our parents when it comes to buying baby strollers and car seats. Back in the day, there were only a few manufacturers and all the models looked the same with only a few minor differences, like colors.
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