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The pride of the Philippines Manny “Pacman” Paquiao reportedly signed a contract with Hatton, and Ricky Hatton’s camp is now 99% certain that the Pacquiao Hatton fight will go ahead by May of 2009.
By: Kevin Styles
Seasons and weather patterns for making your fishing trip to Guatemala successful.
By: Millard Hiner
Here are five tips to consider: Comfort; Durability; Cushioning; Shoe Weight; and Shoe Height. Basketball shoes can elevate your level of play from good to great, but only if you choose the proper shoe. This article will help you do just that.
By: Marc-Olivier Dagenais
Whatever sport you play, there’s always the risk of getting injured while you play. While this is usually true for contact sports such as basketball and football, players of non-contact sports are also at risk for injuries.
By: Marc-Olivier Dagenais
If you want to have a well-rounded team, you must teach them how to perform all the aspects of the game well. You should teach them how to pitch and throw the ball correctly. You should also show them how to slide.
By: Soophott Lert
Your home team is on the verge of winning the last game of the season. You are at the stadium, screaming, shouting and cheering your team on. But you turn around to see everyone in the bleachers staring at you in confusion.
By: Marc-Olivier Dagenais
So you want to be a powerful hitter? Who doesn’t, right? Powerful hitters are those who rack up homeruns for their teams and keep the ball away from the fielders. And any softball player definitely wants to do this.
By: Marc-Olivier Dagenais
If you’re down with two strikes, it’s easy to get nervous because you suddenly find yourself in a tough position. Another strike would mean you’re out.
By: Terry S Vostor
Anglers who know where to find their prize during this post spawning feeding event enjoy some of the best fishing of the year, particularly for world class trophy sized class Walleyes .
By: Chris Williams
Spent the morning peddling a giant Swan pedalo in Ryde, Isle of Wight – with my family of course! It was extremely hard work and I should have picked up a 5 day peddling ban for failing to keep my swan on a true racing line.
By: Marc-Olivier Dagenais
History has produced many great baseball home run hitters such as Barry Bonds who has a home run record of seven hundred and six two home runs and Hank Aaron with seven hundred and fifty five home runs.
By: Marc-Olivier Dagenais
Coaching youth softball is arguably one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs that a person could have. And just like any other job, it could be pretty difficult as well.
By: Marc-Olivier Dagenais
Most spectators of softball games don’t realize the importance of the role of fielders in the game. Well, not at least they are thrown into the same situation and see what it really takes to become a good softball fielder.
By: Marc-Olivier Dagenais
So you want to coach youth softball teams? First of all, congratulations for taking the interest in doing this. Coaching can be a thankless job, even more so in youth teams considering the challenges involved in this endeavor. Thus, my congratulations.
By: Marc-Olivier Dagenais
So you want to be hitter that dominates the game and smashes the ball out of the field? That’s great because good hitting skills is one of the most fundamental skills that every player should have.
By: Marc-Olivier Dagenais
Although it may not look as cool as a homerun, or as exciting a fastpitch, you should also work on developing your team’s bunting skills.
By: Marc-Olivier Dagenais
Your team’s offense is as important as your defense. Good defense that’s not complemented by points scored by your team won’t amount to anything especially if your opponent outscores you.
By: Jamie Hanson
Boot camp training is not an easy job. It is one of the toughest training a person undergoes where h ...
By: Soophott Lert
Faithful fans of football know that the Football Season will soon be here. Whether it is sitting in the stands watching your favorite team play or hanging out at home with friends, fans around the world are preparing for this year's season.
By: Roger Laganin
The Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia has many sporting events for visitors to take part in. Make sure you book up early though!
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