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By: Anthony K Wilson Sr
Sometimes the only way to truly live your desired dream is to face your biggest fear in a head on all out battle. Learn how this artist fulfilled his creative life purpose through an unlikely phone call...
Christian counseling long recognized as a leading provider of nationwide faith based counseling; the Day Spring Center has also emerged as the preeminent provider of Christian counseling services to the Dallas area Christian community.  (view entire text)
Added : Monday, September 14th, 2009     Viewed : 21 Times
By: Zubin Kutar
The Thesis Theme is a perfect solution to create blogs if you are not a technical person. The WordPress thesis theme will allow you to code your website without the knowledge of coding and will help you set up your own blog with a very clean code.
By: Paula Gregorowicz
Life lessons are all around us. Want to know what a hyperactive, needy Golden Retriever can teach you about the secret to life?
By: Brendan McKeogh
Three brief quotes from Orison Marden that can help you get past the obstacles you encounter in the pursuit of your goals.
By: Michael Lee
We often turn to influential people for inspiration. In this article, you will know some of the most memorable quotes by famous people that can lead you to massive success.
By: Ben Mester
Just of few of the powerful quotes to live by that have helped shape me into the man I am today.
By: Peggy Collins
Peggy Collins, expert author and coach, discusses awareness and its importance in overcoming Self Sufficiency Syndrome.
By: John Right
Finding my purpose in life has given me a great gift. I have outlined below Tips you can use to find your purpose in life.
By: Kozan Huseyin
Are you looking for happiness? Have you been searching for this happiness and wondering where it is? If you have been looking for happiness outside, you will be shocked! Join me as we take a look at real happiness.
By: Michael Lee
Words contain great power. They can gather people together or motivate a person to follow a dream. And when these words come from people we greatly admire, their power increases tenfold. Here are some inspirational quotes from women athletes you woul
By: Matthew Roda
Each day, A Global Garden explores the galaxies of the Internet to find inspirational quotes. These inspirational quotes, random and clever, are accompanied by an original daily-suggested good deed.
By: Thomas Carroll
There is a simple 3-step goal setting system that works for anything you desire. When you want to accomplish something - anything, there are three things that you must have to get what you want. Discover what these three steps are to change your life
By: Thomas Carroll
You can become a success through focus. Most of us want more out of life. We might want more money, a better relationship, a bigger home or more vacations. With the right focus you will get more of what you want with a lot less effort.
By: Thomas Carroll
You must fail to succeed. When one thinks properly it will be discovered that any failure is an opportunity to learn and to grow. Failures are the necessary stepping stones to success. Failure is a resource.
By: Melville jackson
Books for self help enable individuals to tackle their challenges in life with serenity and confidence. It is a way of realizing an individual’s true potential and overcome those obstacles without the help of professionals such as doctors.
By: Jacquie Bird
My mom's odyssey pre & post daddy. A journey taking her through abuse, adversity & despair.
By: Shelly Greenhalgh-Davis
Often our greatest triumphs are preceded by our darkest hours.
By: lovephileo
The Christian gift and decor and items really change the way we look at our lives and the world we face from our day to day living. They propel our hearts to go for more, of our dedication to live a meaningful life and let it God.
By: Jacquie Bird
I have had no relationship with my father in almost twenty years. That reality dwells inside me like a dull roar. Sometimes the days stretch into months as the roar lies dormant as if asleep, granting peace.
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