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By: Lindsy Emery
The new loan modification program that has been set into motion by the Federal Government is to help approximately five million families to prevent their home from being taken away because of the inability to make the mortgage payments.
By: Larry Kearney
What happens during a foreclosure can vary a little from state to state but it always ends up to the same result. The homeowner is about to lose their home because they have missed a number of their mortgage payments.
By: Nick Adama
PSAs set a limit to how many mortgage modifications can be offered by servicers, and these companies may face liability from the trusts or investors that own the underlying loans if they offer too many workout plans to borrowers.
By: Loan ModificationProvider
In this important 4th part to the Obama loan modification guide. The Hope for Homeowners Plan is introduced and the important concept of the Standard Waterfall which could drastically affect your families chances of staying in your home.
By: Sean Patrick
The application process may vary bit from one online mortgage company to the next, but there are three things borrowers should always do before they submit an online mortgage application.
By: Nick Adama
When a lender can not find the original note, courts are deciding that foreclosure proceedings must be placed on hold. Without this document, it can be impossible to prove that one has the right to foreclose on the home.
By: Nick Adama
This is a type of common law tort defense to foreclosure that homeowners may raise if they are being sued or if the lender is moving ahead with a trustee sale of a property.
By: Second Mortgage
Sometimes the second mortgage becomes inevitable because of the situation. Sometimes the time is in favor and sometimes against. The second mortgage is also called home refinance loan.
By: Alisa
Everyone pays for their ignorance and many people do that, if that makes you feel a little better. Wrong financial decisions can put you in a lot of difficulty and put you in debts.
By: David Mcleroy
You can improve your financial problems through home mortgage refinance. Home refinance is a best option where one can refinance their existing mortgage and save your money, become debt free.
By: Gyan K
What happens in case you are suddenly made redundant due to a loss of job or illness? You may be unable to make your mortgage payments, pay off credit card bills, grocery bills and find it difficult to lead a normal life.
By: Nick Adama
One of the laws that give homeowners the most protection against mortgage lending abuses is the Truth in Lending Act (TILA). This act is designed to provide borrowers with adequate disclosures
By: Nick Adama
In retaliation for the filing of bankruptcy by a borrower, banks and their lawyers have read ambiguous contract clauses to allow the imposition of ridiculous junk fees on accounts.
By: Nick Adama
When you are trying to avoid foreclosure, there are some life changing decisions you will have to make. Your choices will mean the difference between creating a better financial decision or making things much worse!
By: Nick Adama
In retaliation for the filing of bankruptcy by a borrower, banks and their lawyers have read ambiguous contract clauses to allow the imposition of ridiculous junk fees on accounts.
By: Rick Lee
When you want to refinance your mortgage, there are several factors that you should put into consideration. One of them is the refinance mortgage interest rate.
By: Nick Adama
When getting your property out of foreclosure, many people thing that paying the arrears is the only choice. There are other options!
By: The Author is a Loan Modification Assistance speci
Obama Government’s ambitious Home Loan Modification Program dubbed as “Making Home Affordable” may be helping the Subprime Lenders who may have started the real estate crisis in the fist place.
By: Anthony Russell
Home mortgage refinance is one of the best ways to save money for debtors by switching to a low interest rate plan.
By: Nick Adama
If you are trying to find a good deal in real estate, foreclosure properties may be a good place to start. This article will show you where to find foreclosure properties.
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