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Articles » Health-&-Fitness » Heart on Press Release Diva


By: Darrell Miller
If you suffer from heart trouble, look to the herb hawthorn berry. Hawthorne can help protect the heart, strength the cardiovascular system, and improve health naturally.  (view entire text)
Added : Saturday, September 26th, 2009     Viewed : 5 Times
By: Bangang Nkouppitt
Lose Weight The correlation between obesity and blood pressure has long been documented. Losing even a moderate amount of weight is almost always accompanied by a corresponding drop in blood pressure.
By: Sulamita Berrezi
Determined by the indirect calculation of weight in kilograms to the square of height in meters (kg/m2), BMI is a simple and convenient proxy measure for excess adiposity in clinical settings.
By: V K Rajagopalan
Fish Oil and cholesterol has always been linked to each other. Many people claim that fish based oil reduces cholesterol build up in the body. Experts say that a diet rich in fish, particularly cold water fish, decreases cholesterol level in the body.
By: autor
Your heart is the most important organ in your body. It pumps your blood, keeps you feeling vibrant and strong, and needs to be well taken care of. Many people understand that the heart is an important organ.
By: Gary Giardina
Do you have high blood pressure and need to know how to treat it? It is imperative to know the causes of this health problem and how to treat it. Learn the causes and treatments now so you can get your blood pressure back to a more normal range.
By: Gary Jones
Certain personality and behavioral traits can lead to chronic heart palpitations - a non threatening but often life altering heart rhythm disorder.
By: Reijo Metso
High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a common problem. Unfortunately, it can not be cured by medication. But life style changes can help you to lower your blood pressure. One of the best ways to lower your blood pressure is physical activity.
By: Jimmy Carter
The most dangerous part of our diet that makes the food tastier is the harmful levels of Cholesterol. Cholesterol is natural to our bodies. These fatty compounds are actually harmless and are required in some amounts......
By: Jimmy Carter
Cholesterol is a giant killer in today’s society as there is a change in the life style towards a more dull and sedentary one......
By: James maklan
You have always taken pride in the fact that you know exactly how healthy you are. After all, it is your own body and, therefore, you feel that would know it better than anyone else. But, what if you are already suffering from an illness.......
By: Jimmy Carter
There are very few things that we take for granted, but one of them is our health. After all, you have lived a full life, always knowing that your body will cooperate. And, you are reasonably confident that things will stay that way. That, unfortunat
By: Jimmy
While you may have heard about high blood pressure and may even have a friend or relative who suffers from it, chances are that you may not know too much about this disease. So, here are a few startling facts. High blood pressure or hypertension
By: steven marks
There are many ways to stop heart diseases and these are vital for people who have some genetic traits of heart diseases. Nowdays information on the prevention of these heart diseases is accessible from many websites.
By: James maklan
With the price of prescription drugs in America having gone sky high, falling ill can be enough to bust anyone's budget. Not just that, while some diseases can be treated quickly, there are others that can more than turn your life into a nightmare.
By: David Bruce Jr
Because one of the main causes of death in the United States is cardiovascular disease; more and more businesses and employers are installing AED's and AED programs in the work place to add to their business's emergency medical readiness, practices
By: Sandra Prior
Every man carries deadly forms of cholesterol in his blood, and they can increase his heart-disease risk by up to 300 percent. The really scary part: a standard cholesterol test won't tell you if you have them.
By: Dr. Bill
Helpful tips to increase the strength of your heart, and add energy to your day.
By: Sandra Prior
It may be an age old symbol of emotion, but everyone knows that the human heart is really nothing more than a pump. Or is it? New research suggests a direct link between your state of mind and the state of your heart. Here’s how to keep it ticking ha
By: Rodney Favors
Aerobic exercise, while great for building your cardiovascular system, can be hard on your feet. Aerobic activities consist of quick lateral movements with lots of jumping and leaping which can have a very negative impact on your feet if you are not
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